Track by Track Sew-in

This requires majority of the natural hair being left out. Requires maintenance. Recommend for clients with natural health hair. Used to add Length and fullness to natural hair by sewing Tracks individually throughout head. This is a natural flat sew in process for those who want to add a bit of spice in their natural hair.

$85 and up 1 hr. 30 min

Full Sew-In

No hair is left out at all. This is the best way to grow and protect your hair evenly. The UniqueNess – Under braids are used for the foundation of the service to ensure flatness and decreases the amount of dead and shedding hair. Hair net provided upon request. Additional 25$ for lace closure!

$175 and up 1 hr. 45 min

Lace Closure Installation

This allows you to pull your sew in up into any style with-out braids or tracks showing and place your part in different spots. Bleached knots available for closure and elastic band provided.

$200 2 hr. 15 min

Micro-Braid Extensions

Micro bead extension is the form of adding weave to natural hair for length and or fullness. No braids or glue are used during this service. This is the process of adding individual micro bead to hair strands for a more natural and believable extensions process.

$225 and up  2 hr. 30 min

Natural Sew-in

Sew in process that includes the leave out of hair at the top perimeter and hair line of head. Under braids are used as the foundation of this service for an overall flat and more natural look. This service last up to 2-3 months depending on growth of hair. A hair treatment and trim is provided with this service.

$150 and up  1 hr. 30 min

Partial Sew-in

Most of the natural hair is left out in this service. Recommend for clients who’s hair is already in a healthy condition. Hair is left out at the front, sides and nape of the head. Used for length and to add fullness to natural hair.

$125 and up  1 hr. 30 min

Quick Extensions/ “Weave”

“Quick Weaves” Is the form of quickly adding extensions with hair bonding glue for length or fullness to quickly change your overall hair look. 10$ extra for bob cuts… This service last for at least 1 month

$75 and up 1 hr

Sew-in Take Down

The take down of your sew in. This process is done by my personal assistant who take the proper time and care removing extension. This is recommended for all clients to insure the protection and saving of all new growth and natural hair.

$15 and up 30 min