Hi I’m Oso Unique from Detroit, Michigan. I am a hairstylist and I love what I do.

My number one style right now would be extensions, weaving. I sell extensions and they are very, very beautiful tresses of hair. Brazilian and Peruvian. So sew ins and closures would be one of my top selling styles right now and it just makes my client feel so beautiful and not only do I add the hair and extend it to your natural hair, I am very big on taking care of your natural hair. So just as well as you can add 26 inches of the Oso Unique hair collection in your hair, when you take your hair out, your natural hair will still be nice and beautiful.

I also do natural, style with your natural hair. Everybody cannot afford extensions, that does not mean you can’t come to me. You can come to me and I can work with whatever you have. Not only enhancing it, but making it better as I can the day you come. So natural styles with your natural hair. People should really embrace their natural beauty sometimes and also not only is the sew-ins a really, really good one, but the natural styles as well. And number three, I would have to say is box braids.

I love box braids.  I just can’t even explain how much I love them because I wish I had one right now.

But box braids are very good protective styles for those who may have lost hair around the hairline or may have some damaged hair anywhere. But box braids would definitely be my number third choice of style by Oso Unique. But I could actually do any style that you are looking for, I promise. And not only will I do it the best way I can, I’m going to do it best to fit you, fit your head shape, and your style.

I can perform anywhere, but most importantly, I do hair at my own salon called The Lady’s Room, featuring Oso Unique, myself, which is a very, very comfortable environment inside of Oak Park, Michigan.

That’s where I create all of my lovely, lovely different styles.

People ask me this question all the time and first off, I would like to say, my mother was a hairstylist and growing up, I never wanted to do hair. I’m like no, I’m not doing it, my mom does hair, I want to do something different. I want to be a doctor, lawyer, everything like that. So I actually went to a university college for a couple of years, realized I was getting nowhere in life. Not to discourage anyone who’s in school. Do what you’re supposed to do. But, it just didn’t work out for me. So I said, you know, I recognize I had to retrain my brain and figure out something that was lucrative, but something that I could actually use my hands and my brain. I went to Paul Mitchell hair school. Cosmetology school, and further the knowledge I learned from my mother being a hair stylist for years. You know, just embarking on that, and just see where it took me, and it’s taken me very, very, very far so far. So I think, matter fact I know I made the right decision.

There are a multitude of styles that can be offered by me and anybody else, so growing up, a very poplar style in my era, I have to say were the underbraids, and it’s so funny because this style is being recreated right now every single day just as it was when I was 10. So I learned how to braid when I was actually ten and I’ve been doing that style since I was 10, and I’m still doing it right now. I won’t tell my age, don’t worry about that. But, I’m still doing that style, and braids are a very, very good way to take care and protect your hair. So I think, you know, that was one of the styles that kind of took me to another level, because I said, “wow, I’ve even known how to do this since I was 10. So let me just see what I can do with it.” So, the braiding was a really, really good way for me to expand, because a lot of people don’t know how to braid. You’d be surprised. Different styles like ponytails, natural wraps, and relaxers. I don’t like to do relaxers as much now, because they’re very… there are a lot of different ways you can keep your hair straight without using harsh chemicals, but, you know, those are styles that are still out now that were out when I was a kid.